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Gendai Reiki is a system developed by Hiroshi Doi of Tokyo, Japan, the person responsible for bringing much of the knowledge about Japanese Reiki healing's history to the West. This philosophy of this system is that Reiki should not be mysterious or ritualistic, but should instead be focused and easy to understand. The name Gendai means modern in Japanese.

Gendai Reiki integrates the Usui Reiki Ryoho of Mikao Usui, the founder of the Usui System of Natural Healing (the English translation of what we call Reiki in the U.S.). with the Western tradition in the lineage of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, and Hawayo Takata. The system is taught in four levels, each building on the other and having three attunements, called Reiju in Japanese. The attunements give the student a deepened ability to connect with the information taught in the classes which are each taught in six to seven hours. If all class levels are taken at one time, the cost is $695 prepaid 30 days in advance or $725 thereafter.

To see what is included in each class level, please click on the links below:

Gendai Reiki I | Gendai Reiki II | Gendai Reiki III | Gendai Reiki IV

Gendai Reiki I - Shoden

This is a six-hour class. It is usually combined with Gendai Reiki II for a total cost of $265, if prepaid 30 days in advance or $295 thereafter. For one level only, Gendai Reiki I or II would be $195 or $165 prepaid 30 days in advance.

PREREQUISITE: No prerequisite other than an openness to learning about energy.


  • The Attraction and The Characteristics of Reiki-ho
  • Introduction to Reiki: Guidance of Level I
  • Structure of Reiki-ho
  • Essence of Reiki-ho and Gendai Reiki-ho
  • The Founder, Usui Mikao
  • What is Reiki? What is Reiki-ho?
  • Reiki History - From Reiki Foundation to Current Status
  • How to Deliver, Strengthen, and Use Reiki Energy
  • Reiki Healing Basics
  • Three Attunements
  • The Reiki Principles
  • 12 Basic Hand Positions for Self-Healing
  • Practice with Self-Healing
  • 12 Basic Hand Positions for Healing Others
  • Practice with Healing Others in one-to-one, two-to-one, and group sessions.
  • Aura Cleansing Technique
  • Shudan Reiki (Group Reiki) and Renzoku Reiki (Reiki Marathon) Techniques
  • Reiki Mawashi (Reiki Circle) Technique
  • Nentatsu Ho Technique
  • Energy Purification and Energy Boosting
  • Jakigiri-Joka Ho Technique
  • Reiki to Crystal and Charm
  • Reiki to Air, Field and Atmosphere
  • Reiki to Food and Drink
  • Healing Animals or Plants
  • Making Reiki Energy Water
  • Self-Purifying/Self-Growth Methods
  • Kenyoku (Dry Bathing)
  • Gassho Kokyu Ho (Breathing Technique using Hands Together)
  • Reiki Shower

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Gendai Reiki II - Okuden

This is a six to seven hour class. It is usually combined with Gendai Reiki I over a two-day period for a total tuition of $295 or $265 prepaid 30 days in advance.



  • Becoming a Symbol of Light (Hikari) / Hikari no Kokyu-Ho (Breathing of the Light Technique)
  • How to Make Reiki More Powerful
  • Purpose and Concept of Level II
  • Symbols and Kotodama (Mantra)
  • Meaning and Function of the Symbols
  • How to Utilize the Symbols
  • Healing Beyond Time and Space
  • Western Reiki - Reiki Box
  • Western Reiki - Deprogramming Technique
  • Traditional Healing - Tanden Chiryo Ho (Deprogramming Technique)
  • Traditional Healing - Koki Ho and Gyoshi Ho (Healing with Breath and Eyes)
  • Heso Chiryo Ho (Navel Healing Technique)
  • Seiheki Chiryo Ho
  • Healing Using Hibiki (Sense of Hands) Byosen Reikan Ho and Reiji Ho
  • Hatsurei Ho (Self-Purification Meditation)
  • Jiko Joka Healing (Self-Cleansing)
  • Sending Light to Your Cells
  • Chakra Kassei Kokyu Ho (Breathing Technique for Chakra Activation)
  • How to Use Reiki for Level II Practitioners

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Gendai Reiki III - Shinpiden

This is a four to five hour class. It is usually combined with Gokuikaiden in one day. Tuition for Gendai Reiki III by alone would be $195 or $165 prepaid 30 days in advance. It is usually combined with Level IV for a total cost of $430, if doing III-IV only or $725, if doing I-IV together or $695 prepaid 30 days in advance.



  • Sample Affirmations
  • To Realize Yourself by Reiki Wave that Improves Spirituality
  • Re-recognizing the Essence of Reiki Healing
  • To Learn the Master Symbol
  • To Use the Master Symbol
  • Self-Cleansing with Light
  • Receiving Guidance from Higher Self All Day
  • How to Make Contact with Higher Beings
  • Communicating with your Higher Self
  • Reiki Meditation
  • Using Symbols and Transcending Symbols
  • The Spirit of Usui Reiki (Recognition and Teaching)
  • Five Reiki Principles (Explaining them simply)
  • Guide to Enlightenment
  • Traditional Healing Techniques - Uchite Chiryo Ho (Patting with Hands)
  • Traditional Healing Techniques - Oshite Chiryo Ho (Pushing with the Tips of the Fingers
  • Traditional Healing Techniques - Ketsueki Kokan Ho (Blood Purification)
  • Self-Purifying / Self-Growth Techniques
  • Hado Breathing
  • Cleansing of Spinal Cord with Breath
  • Cleansing Karma with Breath

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Gendai Reiki IV - Gokuikaiden

This is a five to six hour class. It is usually combined with Shinpiden. Tuition for Levels III-IV together is $430 or $400, prepaid 30 days in advance. If doing all four levels at one time, the total tuition is $725 or $695 prepaid 30 das in advance.

PREREQUISITE: If this is the first Reiki Master program studied: Gendai Reiki III and 100 documented hands-on sessions; knowledge by heart of Reiki Symbols; discussion with the instructor. If this is not the first Reiki Master program studied: Gendai Reiki III and previous Reiki Master training.


  • Steps to Educate and Qualify a Reiki Master
  • Guide to Reiki Mastership
  • Qualification, Role and Own Practice
  • Master's Consciousness, Qualifications and Practice
  • Ideal Gendai Reiki Technique
  • Summary of Reiki Ho, and Helpful Hints for Self-Realization
  • Understanding of Attunements and Symbols
  • How to Give the Attunements, Levels 1 through 3
  • How to Give the Combined Attunement for Level 4
  • Characteristics of Each Level and What to Teach
  • Traditional Techniques of Reiki Ryoho
  • Hints for Gendai Reiki Masters
  • Traditional Reiju of Reiki Ryoho

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